Full Name: Scott Falcone
Birth Date: March
Birth Place: East Coast
Residence: Lone Tree, Colorado
Height/Weight: 5’10” / 195lbs
Occupation: Owner of Construction Management Companies
Years Racing: 5 years
Hobbies: Karting, Fishing, Golf, Skiing, Boxing, Traveling with my family
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Music: Alternative
Personal Sponsors: Arrow, KartSport North America, SF Construction Inc,
Website: www.Falconeracing.com – www.sf-inc.net – www.falconehomes.net

Racing Goals:
1. Win – 2013 FWT Rotax Masters
2. Win – 2013 Challenge Of The Americas DD2 Masters
3. Win – 2013 Skusa Spring Nationals Tag Masters
4. Win – 2013 Rotax Grand Nationals Maters
5. Win – 2013 3rd State Championship Rotax Masters
6. Win – 2013 2nd State Championship Rotax DD2 Masters
7. Win – 2013 Rotax Pan American Championship DD2 Masters
8. Win – 2013 Skusa Summer Nationals Tag Masters
9. Win – 2013 Skusa Supernationals Vegas Tag Masters
10. Win – 2013 Skusa Tag Masters Championship #1 Plate
11. Win – 2013 Rotax World Finals DD2 Masters

Favorite Part of Racing: The rush it gives me and meeting lots very different people.
Favorite Moment: Beating all of the mentors in the last two years and just plain and simple just winning. When I win it just makes me want to again and when I loose I just want to win again. So either way I’m motivated to win!
Most Desired Win: 2012 Summer Nationals in Utah 2 day Sweep at a National Event. Thanks to Arrow, KartSport, Richie Buxman, Craig Corwin and Eric Jones. To name a few.

Awards and Accomplishments:

  • I have been given a talent to build peoples dream homes, restaurants and businesses.
  • I have an amazing amount supportive friends, family and business relationships. This has given me the opportunity to race Karts.
  • Great Health

By the Years: 2012: We have had several Nationals wins through out the country with even more podiums at the National level. We nearly had the perfect storm in Utah 2012 with an entire sweep of the weekend in all heats, qualify, mains and fastest laps. Double race weekend Skusa. We missed fastest lap in Sunday main. Won a National Championship in 2011. We have won several Colorado State Championships. Competed at the not so grand Tag World Finals and won. We have competed on 3 different chassis in 4 different classes in our short racing career. So far we have been very completive in all of them. We have ran 6 different motor packages and been successful in all of them. We stuck the Arrow X2 Motri7 on pole in Vegas Tag Masters 2012. We have won and we have lost, but we are a great time in the process and look forward to many more races in the future.


  • 1st – Rotax Masters Colorado State Championship
  • 1st – Rotax Masters DD2 Colorado State Championship
  • 1st – Rotax Masters Weekend Sweep Summer Shoot out
  • 1st – Rotax Master Nationals Point Leader
  • 1st – Skusa Summer Nationals Weekend Sweep Tag Masters
  • 2nd – Rotax Masters DD2 National Point Leader
  • 2nd – Rotax Pan American Championship DD2 Masters
  • 2nd – Rotax Masters Challenge of Americas Championship
  • 2nd – Skusa Tag Masters Championship #2 plate for 2013
  • 4th – Rotax Masters US Grand Nationals
  • 10th – Skusa Supernationals Vegas
  • Pole – Skusa Supernationals Vegas


  • 1st – Challenge of the Americas Rotax Master Championship
  • 1st – Rotax Master State Championship
  • 1st – Rotax Master Summer Shoot Out
  • 2nd – Rotax Masters Grand Nationals Championship
  • 4th – FWT Rotax Masters


  • 2nd – Rotax Master State Championship
  • 2nd – Rotax Master Challenge of the Americas
  • 3rd – Rotax Masters Pan American Challenge
  • 3rd – Rotax Masters Summer Shoot out
  • 3rd – Rotax Masters Streets of Lancaster
  • 12th – Rotax Masters US Grand Nationals


  • 2nd – Rotax Masters DD2 Colorado State Championship
  • 3rd – Rotax Masters Colorado State Championship
  • 4th – Tag World finals
  • 9th – Rotax Masters US Grand Nationals


  • 1st – 4 Stroke Masters Tag World Championships
  • 2nd – 4 Stroke Masters Colorado State Championship
  • 2nd – 125 Masters Moto Shifter Colorado State Championship
  • 3rd – 4 Stroke Masters Greeley Grand Prix