Almost the perfect storm. What a great month for Falcone Racing and Kartsport’s North America on the Arrow X2. Powered by Eric Jones built 125cc Sr Rotax motors. In the Max Masters and Tag Masters classes.

After a rough start at FWT with some mechanical issues Eric Jones stepped up our motor program once again and was determined to get us back on pace. Super tuner Victor Pedrosa’s commitment to perfection and details was the icing on the cake for our success in the last 30 days. These guys really are true professionals and I’m very happy and proud to work with both of them. I would also like to thank Brandon Jones, Steve G for all there help as well. A great team effort.

FWT – Ocala. We won in the Rain, we won in the wet and we won in the dry. I am pretty confident we would have swept this weekend if one of our competitors didn’t protest a tire DQ when the officials were letting us go because there was no performance gain but more of a performance loss. And gave a us strict fair warning! Thats the rules so we lived with it. We took our penalty like pros and not chicken shit complainers! (Guess who protested? lol) We had to start last and than ended up 4th in the pre main. We won 3 of the 4 Pre-mains and both Mains.

Pro Tour Spring Nationals – Tuscon

We came out the trailer very fast on a green track. As a driver I only race MG tires about three times a year. I need to learn more on tuning the chassis and the proper tire pressure for this tire. I need to give much better feed back to my team on what the tires and kart needs. I’m much more comfortable on the MOJOs. So with that said I think we did a great job this weekend on the most rubber that I have ever driven on, personally. We won 4 out of 4 heats and 1 out of two Finals. We really never played in the draft when qualifying or practicing we tried to stay away from trouble. The draft was worth 3 tenths. Arrow X2 raced very good this weekend and we look forward to the next Pro Tour Race in Grand Junction. What motor will we run is the big question.

A big thanks goes to the both Bill and Tom for putting on some top notch races. Thank you.

I certainly can’t forget a shout-out to all my Master competitors because without all of you, none of this is would happen. Thanks, for some great clean aggressive racing over the last two races. Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Ps. Leonardo, thanks for all the schooling this winter at FWT its paying off.