I am looking forward to the Lone Star Grand Prix. After signing up today I have been welcomed with great enthusiasm, which has just solidified my decision to participate at this event. I will be joined by my great tuners Victor Pedrosa and Craig Corwin. I believe this is a perfect pathway, for practice and to hone my skills, for the Modesto Grand Prix and beyond.

I encourage all of my buddies, to attend if you have the time, the better the turn out, the more fun we will all have.

I also feel strongly that supporting the good people that are putting this event on is our responsibility as drivers/racers; we want them to be successful so that we can participate in years to come.

It’s great to have the opportunity to go to a new track layout and in a fair weather state; it’s still pretty cold here in Colorado. I’ve been hearing great things about the track and the event.